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Kirsten Gainet

Kirsten Gainet is a director, screenwriter, and producer of the "Аҡ ҡosh" documentary film studio.
Member of the Filmmakers' Union of the Russian Federation, Photo artists' and the Guild of Non-fiction Filmmakers.
She was born in 1989 in Inzer village, Republic of Bashkortostan (Russia). In 2015 she graduated from St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television (faculty of photography arts) and St.Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (faculty of cinema/photography arts).

She is a photo editor, laureate and participant of Russian photo contests and exhibitions. More than that, Kirsten Gainet is the participant and award winner of prestigious international and Russian film festivals.
Cinema is my language, my vision, and my view, it is where I find a way to be heard.
Today’s documentary cinematography is a powerful tool for realizing one’s ideas and possibilities to express their pain.
My pain is the injustice that is committed all around the world. Cinema is my language, my vision, and my view. And for me, it is my way to be heard.
I make films about human rights. I’m also interested in complex multilayered subjects about plain people's life. The characters I find for my films become a part of my life, my pain, and my experience. I get to know love through some of them, the bitterness of parting through some, and life and death through others.
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