Ak kosh

Autonomous artistic association (AAA) «Ak kosh» is a fundamental project created for searching new forms of ethnic and national film industry development.

This artistic project independent from any national, confessional and political beliefs is aimed to unite men of talent, such as producers, directors, script-writers, cameramen and artists from all over the world, whose main goal is to express their ideas by means of film industry.

The main purpose of «Ak kosh» association films is to preserve spirituality and morality as the establishment of universal human values. Our project is also aimed at the development of audience interest to good and happy-end films which would tell them about the ups and downs of people lives and establish and enhance love and faith.

Thus the name «Ak kosh» that translated from the Bashkir language as the «White bird».

Press about us
«The Sorrow of Our House» in the official program (Independent Production Documentary) of the History Film Festival (Rijeka, Croatia) The festival will be held from September 5-9, 2018 for the film this will be the Croatian premiere. Congratulations to all the participants of the crew!
The film «7 maidens’ theatre» became the winner in nomination «The best foreign documentary film» at the III International Film Festival «Fathers and Sons» that was held in Oryol city. For winners and awardees who weren’t present at the film festival an extra awarding ceremony was held in Moscow in the Cinema art library named after S. Eisenstein. On the photo the editing film director of «7 maidens’ theatre» Seiran Tevfikov
At the Turkish World Documentary Film (Tefvik Ismailov Ozel Odulu) Festival the documentary «7 maidens’ theatre» won a special Tevfik Ismailov award. Congratulations to the crew and the Bashkir Salavat Theatre with the first award!
Screening of the documentary film «7 maidens’ theatre» took place in Kazan city in the framework of Kazan Muslim films festival. On the photo the script-writer and the director Kirsten Gaynet with the offscreen voice author Evita Gaynet.
The film crew came back from Georgia, where they shot «What does our home feel nostalgic about?» documentary. Shooting lasted four days in Meskhetia Region
The Second National Television and Cinema Art Forum «Home paths» will be held on 8–11 August in Moscow centre of nationalities. 68 projects from 16 regions became the finalists of the artistic contest of documentaries, TV programmes and media projects devoted to national and historic assets. The documentary «7 maidens’ theatre» will compete for the nomination — «The best ethnographic media-project about native shore»
The documentary film «7 maidens’ theatre» will be screened during the International Amateur Experimental Films Festival «PURE» that will be held in the Central City Library named after v. V. Mayakovsky on 7–10 August. The film participates in the Documentary contest
Shootings of «What does our home feel nostalgic about?» documentary finished in Esik city, Kazakhstan, director Kirsten Gaynet, cameraman Ilshat Mukhamedov. A trip to Georgia for finishing the shootings is planned for September. The film tells a tragic story of the grandmother Mushkinaz, one of the victim of Turks-Meskhetins repressions in 1944
Due to the planned shootings of the documentary in Georgia we are looking for an active coordinator. We are planning to start shootings in the middle of September. Each of you can take part in shooting. Age is not essential, what is more important is your wish and some basic requirements for applicants: knowledge of the Georgian language, knowledge of Turks-Meskhetins migration history in 1944. Obligations: searching for locations and film characters (2 characters), searching for film equipment (quadcopter for shooting), the film crew assistance and shooting assistance (shooting will take place in Oshor area)
The documentary «7 maidens’ theatre» will be shown in Kazan International Muslim Films Festival that will be held on 5.09–11.09 in the framework of the International Short Documentary Contest
A private screening of the documentary «7 maidens’ theatre» took place in Salavat city, director Kirsten Gaynet
Shooting of the documentary «7 maidens’ theatre» is finished. The film production lasted for 3 years, 2 of them were devoted to shooting. Shooting took place in Salavat, Tolbazy, Ufa and Samarkand cities and in Inzer village (the Republic of Bashkortostan). Film postproduction will be performed in Moscow. Private screening will be held in the middle of May. The date is to be determined
Shooting of episode of the documentary film «7 maidens’ theatre» in Samarkand city (Uzbekistan) finished and the author of the film gave some feedback on her page: «I came to Samarkand in order to finish shooting of the documentary film. One of the main episodes of my film revolves around the worldwide famous Uzbek flat cakes that saved a lot of people of neighbouring republics as well as of our country during the war years. I got acquainted with the heroine of the film and her family. They treated us with flat cakes and hot tea according to traditions of the tea ceremony. I was very pleased with the local traditions and Uzbek people. I have visited a lot of European countries but I have never felt such cosiness as here, in the heart of Uzbekistan»
«Live, soldier, live» got an award for the best film in nomination «Soul of the nation» at the film festival «Bereginya 2016. Together for the future». Not only documentaries were nominated but also live-action and animation films, feature stories and sketches. The film festival was held in Arkhangelsk. The film was presented by Evita Gaynet, the offscreen voice author
Screenings of documentaries were on March 13 at 5 p.m. in the film club of Zhukovsky city. During the regular meeting four absolutely different films shot by students and post-graduates of the leading Russian cinematography schools: Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov, Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors and Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television were presented. We watched «Contactees», «Live, soldier, live», «Different weights» and «The Father Dmitry, the Guards Major» together with the authors and then made a discussion